In a recent interview in a interview with The Sunday Times The 53-year-old singer admitted she hasn't "any desire" in turning 23 once more.

The moment I turned 50 was an entirely new beginning free of any of the baggage, the point when you're no longer listening to the voices 

that are in your head and all the expectations and expectations people make of you. You can become more authentically you she added.

Like you, I wish everyone else as you've had to go through quite a bit to reach my age as well as I've earned my authority and voice.

Critiquing cosmetics that claim to make women appear more youthful, Zellweger continued, "All these ads telling us that

we don't have to show at our age when we buy all their creams, their solutions, and all the junk they're trying for us to buy?

She said, There's an enormous distinction between being your brightest, most radiant self and aspiring to be something you're not.

Renée Zellweger

To be beautiful and vibrant you have to accept the age you are in, or else you're living in denial and, to me, not very beautiful.