Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Diana Jenkins successfully scared Dana Wilkey to delete a number of dissing podcast episodes after she sent her an order to cease and desist.

Wilkey 47, who was a part of the group, has removed "Deep Dive on Sanela Diana Jenkins with Entry, part 1" and "Deep Dive on Sanela Diana Jenkins with Enty, part 2."

According to Jenkins his legal team The legal team of Jenkins, the shows which were first released in May packed with defamatory and false allegations.

According to Page Six previously reported, Jenkins had, at 49, sent a string of strongly worded legal letters to a variety of media outlets,

Diana Jenkins

podcasters, and bloggers who've spread false rumors Jenkins was connected to Jeffrey Epstein and his sex-trafficking Ring.

RHOBH Star Diana Jenkins

She's not stopping until she's issued every apology and she'll do what it takes to erase her name and family's reputation."

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Wilkey said that Jenkins was involved in extramarital affairs with people like Justin Timberlake and Guy Ritchie and accused her being an "madame"

RHOBH Star Diana Jenkin

who sex-trafficked young women from all over the world and linked stars with prostitutes, in addition to other scandalous allegations.