"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" Star Whitney Rose assured fans that she wasn't the cause her cousin and close friend Heather Gay had a black eye in the Season 3 trailer.

While Rose was promoting her new show on Twitter, one user account replied with a photo of the trailer released on Wednesday. 

The image showed Gay's left eye was red and it was swollen shut. "Did you do this yes or no," the fan demanded.

It was Wild Rose Beauty founder, 36, who shook off the question and then quickly answered, "NO! Absolutely not."

The fan might have believed that Rose was the culprit since in one video from this trailer family members shout at their co-stars as Gay is smacking Rose on a brick wall but it doesn't look

It's not clear exactly how it was that the "Bad Mormon" author, 40, was injured and, based on the evidence, it occurred during an excursion with a group.

Gay admitted to having a black eye when she was with fellow co-star Meredith Marks, who held her hand in front of her mouth, in a stupor.

"Heather, you look like somebody clocked you," Lisa Barlow told her in another scene, while the other women were seated with couches at a tropical area.

"Well maybe somebody did," Gay smiled back in apparent reference on a more emotional blow rather than an actual socket strike.

"RHOSLC" Season 3 teased a variety of storylines "RHOSLC" Season 3 teased various storylines between the women, for instance,

an interview with the Beauty Lab founder telling someone to "go find yourself another Heather Gay."

‘RHOSLC’ star Whitney Rose denie