Ric Flair has admitted that he's suffering from a persistent injury prior to the "last fight".

Ric Flair Injury

Flair stated that, while his body has been feeling fantastic lately, the bottom of his foot is painful. He claimed that the injuries are so

severe that it's impacting him daily however he doesn't believe that it's going to cause any issues for him during the course of his "last game".

Flair has also shared a portion of the training he's been working on together with Jay Lethal ahead of the match.

Flair admitted that he's been working for a long time in the gym doing workouts for two days prior to having a day off and then repeating the process during the course of the week.

Although the initial match was scheduled to see Flair joining forces with FTR to face the Rock N'Roll Express, with an unknown

opponent, it has since been confirmed F Lair will be partnering alongside his brother-in-law Andrade El Idolo in a bid to fight the former foes Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett.

In the meantime, Flair and Jarrett go all the way all the way to WCW and WWF times, and continue to be a problem after they both made the jump to TNA.

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