The lovers got married in a private wedding ceremony held on the streets of London, The Sun UK reported on Monday.

It was a very intimate wedding and was a very special day to everyone who was there," a source told the publication. "Their most beloved and closest friends are able to see how loved they're.

The source also claimed that the singer, who changed her moniker to Waititi Ora was looking for a small wedding to "keep their relationship as secret as they can."

The source said A big, showbiz-style celebration is planned for the occasion But don't be expecting to see it flogged to the most expensive magazine.

Ora appeared to confirm the report as she was sporting what appeared to be a wedding ring on an Instagram photo posted on Sunday.

I'm sure that in the age that is the Internet, anything is gone quickly," Waititi told the Sydney Morning Herald after the viral kiss.

"And is it really that important?' I don't think so, actually. I didn't do anything wrong. It's fine.