Robert Griffin III was absent from the 2021-22 NFL Season as he assumed a role in ESPN's college football coverage. He is only 32 and could be a good backup leader for an NFL team.

Griffin spoke about an NFL return before, saying that he received interest from the league after running a 4.48-second 40-yard dash.

In an interview with KWTX in Texas, he discussed the possibility of a return to the NFL and said that he was ready to go back to the NFL.

I'm ready to go now. Every day I train. I also throw and exercise. I know what it takes for me to be healthy and I do those things.

It is more difficult when you're flying all over doing TV stuff, but it's worth it when you truly want it. If I get the call this year, I'll be ready to play five years later.

Griffin had previously named the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears as his top destinations next season.

Griffin's career was certainly affected by injuries, but Griffin has shown that he can be a valuable backup to the NFL team in a limited capacity.

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Griffin's availability on a team is still unknown, but it should not take too long for him to find another NFL home