Robert Griffin III announced that Grete Griffin, his wife, is expecting their third child.

Robert Griffin III

Twitter was the place where the former NFL quarterback shared his good news Tuesday. The Griffins were congratulated by their fans.

Grete also shared the news via Instagram. She seemed to declare that this would be their last child. 

She is excited to welcome a fourth daughter to their family, which includes two of their daughters and RGIII’s first child from his previous marriage with Rebecca Liddicoat.

GRAND FINALE !!!! We are expecting baby #3, and will soon be a family with 6!" She posted Tuesday. "So much love my heart can explode.

The Griffin family is enjoying a great week. Andrew Marchand from the New York Post reported Monday that Randy Moss will be replaced

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on ESPN's Monday Night Football show. The promotion seems to be coming at a perfect time.