Robert Griffin III is furious with the National Football League and NFLPA over the Deshaun-Watson punishment decision. 

Robert Griffin III

The Browns quarterback was punished with a suspension of 11 games and a fine of $5 million.

Robert Griffin III

Griffin The former Heisman winner posted on Twitter on Thursday afternoon to voice his displeasure with the decision to penalize. 

There is only one word he can use to express the way the feeling is: "Sickening."

Robert Griffin III Talks Over Deshaun Watson

The NFL had a chance to prove that it had learned from its past mistakes in fighting for Women in this case involving Deshaun Watson and it failed.

The 11-game suspension and the five million dollar fine isn't the things he was accused of doing,

Talks Over Deshaun Watson

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and was found in the hands of the judge Sue L. Robinson. It's a bit of a shock was the word that came out of Griffin.

The NFL has previously said it was looking for an 11-game suspension for Watson. 

Robert Griffin III And Deshaun Watson

However, it was evident that Watson's legal team was planning to challenge a possible complete season ban.