It's been a while since the Real Housewives drama continues on-screen. If you're not familiar with it, Diana recently received a lot of attention on social media following

her entry involved in some controversy with a Black woman who owns an account on Bravo. Bravo fan page.

Diana apologized and said that she "assumed the term "Black content creator" was a reference to the page specifically geared towards snarky material, 

and that, since her identity is "not in this particular country" she was unaware that she was saying something "racially inappropriate."

Diana Jenkins

In WWHL, Andy asked Garcelle whether she thought Diana was misinterpreting"the "Black content

RHOBH Star Diana Jenkins

creator moment," to which Garcelle stated"no." Garcelle added that Diana has been "uneducated."

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Following Garcelle's remarks became to the forefront, Diana took on social media to call her out.

RHOBH Star Diana Jenkin

Bosnia did this," Diana continued. You could also have mentioned the amount of cash I've given and all the work I've done for women's right to rights within 

Congo and other communities that are 100% black. You're well-versed in the amount of work I've done to promote human rights over the world.

Although Garcelle did not explicitly replied to Diana's request for a response however she did post an image in her Instagram Story which reads,

Maintaining a Classy Image and removing yourself from situations which could put you out of the norm, is a Superpower!

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