Russell Wilson aims to put the Denver Broncos back on the NFL map. The Denver Broncos are an organization that is on the rise.

Even though this is among the most successful and storied teams in the NFL over the years, the flower has gone out of the rose in the last six seasons of ineptitude and playoffs.

That's certainly the perspective of the nation. What's the significance of that? Whatever the perception of the nation about 

the Broncos is it's safe to say that the players as well as potential free agents across the NFL take it on the chin and line.

For me, the real issue was winning championships, and also being able to make room in the salary cap so that George is able to

do what he does and we could get players like OLB Randy Gregory when he comes on the team, as well as other outstanding athletes," 

Wilson said on Thursday when he reaffirmed the signing of the five-year extension of $245 million which he signed with his Broncos. 

"We want to make this a destination location. It's one of those things [where] we have an amazing tradition, amazing football team."