Ryan's doctor shared the results of the procedure as shown in a video the 45-year-old posted to Instagram on September. 13.

"You have done such a great pre-treatment and I managed to locate an extremely small polyp in the right-hand part of the colon."

Dr. Lapook explained this to Ryan. "This could be a lifesaving moment for you. I'm not making it up. I'm not trying to be dramatic."

The process is not one that Ryan does lightly, so Ryan recorded the event to share the experience with the world.

What prompted him to document the event on film? The whole thing started with the possibility of a bet.

Ryan who is co-chairman for the Welsh soccer team Wrexham AFC made a bet with co-chairman Rob McElhenney that Rob could master the Welsh language, Welsh,

Ryan would have to record a video of a colonoscopy. The result was that Ryan did not win the bet however, he gained crucial details about his health.

Ryan brought viewers along during the process and filmed the events that occurred between and following. 

How did he feel about having this moment captured on film? He joked, "We're f--king filming it and it's terrible."

Going through any medical procedure could be difficult and stressful, not to mention having it on film.

"I've been photographed a lot. However, it was my first experience when I was slapped up on my back," Ryan noted.

"The process and preparation were effortless, but the discomfort of filming and sharing the experience was the toughest part."