The Deadpool actor is forever showering love and affection on his wife, but he also loves jokes, so their brutal roasting of each other on their birthdays has become a bit of a tradition.

Blake turned 35 on Blake's birthday, and Ryan wrote it in tongue-in-cheek fashion. Ryan was not afraid to share embarrassing photos online.

He shared a cheeky message: "Happy Birthday @blakelively." You're spectacular. He wrote, "I'm not sure whether you were invented or born." 

Ryan shared the following Instagram message: "Also thank you for reminding me to leave my house every now in again." '

He shared his first photo of his wife, which showed them cuddling up at the Met Gala, beaming at each other.

The mushy photos included a photo of Ryan, the Gossip Girls actress, lying on her back, lettuce leaves covering her face. Ryan, it's great that you love Ryan!

Other photos were just as precious though, including one taken at a candlelit dinner. Ryan, 45, was the ultimate hype man,

with a photo that showed his wife looking radiant in a mini-dress and heels. Blake said, "My guy" that she was not bothered by the rogue comedy snap.