Sadie first appeared on screen as Max during season 2 when she moved into Hawkins after moving from California.

She soon became involved in The Upside Down shenanigans, and finally joined in the fun becoming best friends with Eleven and beginning dating Lucas.

It could have been quite different in the event that Sadie didn't "beg" producers to let her play the part... 

In the beginning, Sadie was passed over to play Max due to her being "too old" to be able to play the role.

Sadie spoke out about the experience of her Stranger Things audition and the fact that she was initially turned down for the part of Max.

Sadie admitted her casting director initially believed she was "too young" to play Max for Stranger Things 2

Sadie was approximately 13 years old when she relocated to Hawkins. Sadie had been 14 at the time the show's second season aired.

I simply begged them to send me more information so that I could show them something different, Sadie revealed.

Sadie explained the process of auditioning in a separate interview in Teen Vogue, she said: I'd like to say that it took about one month.

I believe at some point they were thinking I'd be too old, but I was saying "No, let me just give them more material and I'll be back!

As if I was going to join again. Then I went in and we had the chemistry reading and when I arrived,

we were all of the identical height and age, and there was nothing to worry about.

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