Sandra Lee has been celebrating her birthday with a trip with her family to Italy and she appears in love!

The celebrity chef was seen carrying on PDA with her boyfriend Ben Youcef 43 as they enjoyed a relaxing afternoon by the pool

Sandra Recently, Sandra talked to people about taking a trip along with Ben in order to mark her birthday, not just but also as the only cancer-free person to have survived.

The last year has been a wonderful one for me... incredible happiness, breathtaking terror, pure love, and most importantly, profound gratitude for the life that is," she said.

Thank you, God! As a survivor of cancer, I view life in a different way than I did before and desire to absorb every moment of it as I can.

Every single moment is important to me. Mental and physical health is what I am most concerned about.

Sandra Lee And Ben Youcef 

I'm no longer counting down the years, rather I am making my year count." the actress said.

Sandra Lee And Ben Youcef 

I am so thankful for the precious moments I have recorded on this day and I look ahead to the next year of well-being and joy with those who matter the most. 

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