Sanya Richard-Ross who has hosted the women from Atlanta in her homeland in Jamaica for the last few episodes accused Kenya Moore of being "ungrateful" on the trip with her group.

I feel like there's stuff you want to say, and you're just not saying it," Richards-Ross 37, said to Moore at the group's final meal in Jamaica.

"Whenever I'm talking, you disengage. It feels like you, Kenya, have been ungrateful because I have gone above and beyond, and I have been an amazing host."

"The ego tonight, baby, it's on fire," Moore 51, told him. "You want to talk about how I felt about you not having us at your thing?

My feelings were it was very disrespectful ... I'm going to speak and you're going to listen."

Sanya Richards-Ro

While on the trip, Richards-Ross has been making episodes for iFit and has previously invited a few of the women to join her.

When Richards-Ross began speaking, Moore said, "Are you talking or are you listening? I'm talking, so you need to be quiet and listen."

"The problem I have with you, Kenya, is that I feel like you can be very dismissive, and I don't appreciate it," she replied.

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While speaking to cameras in an open confessional, Richards-Ross said the behavior she witnessed from Moore was an "classic" move.