To Quantum Leap enthusiasts around the globe, in an attempt to quiet the rumors, and move on... First, thanks for sticking around through the decades!

he began in the caption. Here's a simple explanation of what's happening with the Quantum Leap restart and me:

Bakula shared an image of himself and his late costar Dean Stockwell, writing, "I have no connection to the new show, either behind the camera or in front of it."

Bakula, now 67, was awarded a Golden Globe for his role as Dr. Sam Beckett in 1992's original version of the sci-fi series.

This character, who plays a physicist who jumps through time in order to correct historical errors, is a beloved actor. From 1989 to 1993, it aired for five seasons on NBC.

"In January, I sold the pilot and received a script because Sam Beckett's character was in it. Which makes sense, right?" He explained.

"As many of you have asked me over the past few months, "How can you do QL without Sam?" Al or me? Well, we are about to find out.

"That's the story. It was difficult to give up the project because the show is so dear to me. This decision has confused and upset many of my fans. 

The idea of anyone "leaping" around in time and walking a mile with someone else is still appealing and worthy of exploration, particularly given current circumstances.