The Divas Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid are currently in France to work for a variety of reasons. They do not ignore the opportunity to keep their followers and fans informed.

In their latest post on Instagram, the stars posted gorgeous photos dressed in white and black ensembles.

In an Instagram post, Selena Gomez gave us glimpses of her worldwide fashion trip at Paris Fashion Week. In the photo, the "Only murders that happen in buildings" 

the model walked through the streets of Paris as she sat down with fans in Sephora France while wearing a two-piece skirt that was inspired by 60s fashion trends.

The caption read, "Bonjour From France". The ensemble featured an oversized crop top that was paired with the trumpet skirt with high-waisted sleeves

and seemed good enough to qualify as an evening gown. She complimented the look with hoop earrings as well as the same flipped '60s hairstyle similar to Jackie O's signature style.

In the meantime, Bella Hadid did what she is best at. In the images she shared to Instagram Instagram, Bella is seen enjoying the sun's

rays while sitting on her balcony wearing high-heeled black shoes. For a final touch she donned big sparkling silver glasses.

In a sign of the difficult day she'd had, Bella wrote in the caption "lost my passport. I got an updated passport. It was deposited on the airport at 5.30 am. 

Shoot at 7 am. show time is 12. got there by the grace of my teeth ". The last image in the article was a sweet pleasure! It's a shot of The Eiffel Tower,

as seen from her window , and we're sure you won't want to miss this image. 

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