She may not care if she spends a few thousand dollars right now. According to some sources, she earns more than $10M per year.

It was the moment she received her first big paycheck. Selena revealed that her first large paycheck was not her first salary. However, she did spend the money on something special.

Selena Gomez: I can remember feeling so scared that it would all go wrong and pretending to be a little businesswoman who had to keep everything she needed, 

even if it was only for my lipstick and laptop. The Come and Get It singer didn’t spend her first paycheck on herself.

Instead, she gave the money to her family to help with their living expenses. Selena is truly an extraordinary woman.

She was spotted out on a dinner date at Nat Wolff. Nat was photographed with the actress and put his arms around her in one photo.

There were rumors that the two would soon be in a relationship, and many Selena Gomez fans expressed their excitement about the photo. 

It was speculation, and neither star made any comments.

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Selena Gomez Reveals Her First Big Paycheck