Selena Gomez's schedule is full. The list of the actress, singer, and beauty mogul's most recent projects includes a brand new season of " Only Murders in the Building,

Gomez says that after twenty years of working in the entertainment industry her future plans include stepping away from the stage and beginning to have a family.

I'd like to marry and become a mom," she says during the interview on Aug. five interview. "Eventually I'm likely to get bored of this and 

I'm likely going to give the bulk of my life to charitable causes until I retire. . . . It's just a matter of keeping the real.

She declares. I'll tell you that my little sister and my entire family also have. "Gracie" is eight years old. young,

and she is able to put things in an overall perspective. I'm able to observe this child grow into a human being and there's nothing better than that.

I'm feeling like a parent in a sense but I'm not. It's really satisfying to know that life was simple at some point. I'm hoping to have fun in the same way she does.