The first time we saw Christine Quinn Christine Quinn's lookalike was in the teaser trailer for Selling Sunsetspinoff, selling The OC. selling sunsetspinoff, Selling The OC.

When browsing through the luxurious homes she asks her nonchalantly what Abe Lincoln was the first president of the United States. Whoops!

Sure there are some snarky moments from time to time--along with some drama at work not to mention office drama,

but a couple of revelations about the new Netflix actress will put her in a completely different light.

With close to $100 million in sales during the first four years of her career as a realtor and an education in economics and finance,

Alexandra brings a solid understanding of the constantly changing real estate market" an excerpt of her bio reads.

This has led to her being a target of gossip from the other O Group employees, some have claimed that Rose has had a relationship with developers to get her listings.

However, this isn't the only small tidbit that's been circulated around. She's been criticized for being entitled.

 'Selling The OC' Star

"She could not stare me directly in the face She's been both in and out of prison. She was as if she was an animal," Rose adds.

Despite difficulties and struggles in the workplace, Rose appears to persevere with the assistance of her accomplice in real estate crimes, Alexandra Jarvis.