Of the 16 new contestants entering the ballroom, this season of "Dancing with the Stars" is the actress Selma Blair.

In the fall of 2009, Selma shared her experiences having multiple sclerosis by filming a documentary called "Introducing Selma Blair." Selma says that she's motivated by this new test.

Blair claims that a significant portion of her motivation stems from the amount of appreciation she's received since the film came out.

Blair says this is Blair calls this a "new chapter" not only in her healing process but also in finding strength within other people.

Selma Blair

Blair will be getting much of that strength from professional dancing pro-Sasha Farber. "This will be my first experience of stepping into the spotlights, on stage, with a friend in all this.

It's something that I've stepped away from in order to recover and heal and this is exactly what the doctor recommended," said Blair.

"With MS, it makes it harder," said Farber." We came inside to find out what it could be like. She was uplifting, moving and not just a lecture.

"To believe that I can move and then to have this kind of attention to me by a person who is who is teaching me, it's the greatest gift I could ever receive," said Blair.