A 23-time Grand Slam champion spoke with Prince Harry -- the husband of her close friend Meghan Markle,

for a long time while contemplating whether or not she should end her career as a professional with a long history.

In the premiere episode of Markle's new podcast "Archetypes," Williams disclosed she knew that Markle along with Harry was among her close friends while she thought about her future.

You've heard about it for quite a while and I even talked to Harry about it often too," Williams said.

I remember the day you were at your house," Markle added. "And I was thinking"What are you two chatting about?' It was probably a long time about an hour.

Three of us are aware that the best choice isn't the simplest," Markle said. "It's the toughest choice. It takes some thought, lots of advice and a lot of help to simply say 'uh," uh, uh, and then choose.

The most dangerous place to be is to be on the fence You've heard it before," Williams added.

"So it's like, you have to make an option: either be either in it or free. And I was torn for a while , because I'm passionate about my job.

I've been doing this for my whole life," she said. "Even prior to my birth, I was doing what I was created to do, and what I was meant to do , and also what I was destined to do.