The former linebacker who was awe-inspiring shared his thoughts on the things he's going to do the next time.

After three years playing in the NFL, Shaquem Griffin officially announced his retirement on Wednesday at the Players Tribune.

Former Seahawks, as well as Dolphins linebacker, was a sensation in the college football league and his time in the NFL for being an amputee who didn't have a hand.

In his article, the author talks about the way he played professional football with his twin brother Shaquill Griffin as his backup plan.

"The moment has arrived for me to step down from playing professional soccer," The player wrote in the blog post. "It's the right time to implement my plan A."

I'm aware of the positive impact I'm having on other people," Griffin continued. "I'm talking at universities and colleges as well as speaking to teams playing football,

and even giving presentations at corporate America about never doubting your abilities and pursuing your goals with determination.

Corporate executives would like to listen to the things I've got to say, but in reality, I could learn a lot from them. It's crazy.