Sigourney Weaver's newest character as Sigourney Weaver Avatar 2 is something so amazing that people are still trying to figure out what it is.

If you can recall the actress who was 72 years old played the role of Dr. Grace Augustine, a scientist and chief of the Avatar Program on Pandora,

in the very first film which was released in 2009. But Grace was killed by the wounds from a gunshot, which was caused on her by the Colonel.

It's just not enough to take into account Sigourneyout in the sequel film, which will be titled Avatar 2. The Way of Water And now, the part she'll play was disclosed.

Empire Magazine has revealed the first photos of Sigourney's new part in the film and it was also revealed that she'll play Kiri who is the adopted girl of Jake Sully and Neytiri.

Sigourneyspoke with the publication about being the image of a teenager Navi and shared that it was fun to let forth her childish side.

I believe that we all have a good idea of how we felt when we were teenagers. I definitely do. I was 5'10" or 5' 11" when I was eleven," she said.

"I believed that Kiri felt awkward most often. Kiri is looking for herself. I was thrilled to have been offered this challenge by Jim James Cameron, director. James Cameron

James also spoke about the acting challenge Sigourney was doing. Sigourney has just gotten older," he said. "She appeared younger, was more energetic and s

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he never got out of Kiri throughout our recording period. She was glowing on her face and a sparkle in her steps and an infectious smile.