In a new interview, which was released today, Nicola Peltz along with Brooklyn Beckham spoke for the first time about

the rumors about Nicola as well as Brooklyn's mother Victoria do not get with each other.

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Nicola stated to the newspaper that she originally wanted a gown created for her by her mom-in-law

She told me that I was planning to and I wanted to. But after a couple of months after that she realized that her atelier was not able to make it, and I needed to choose another one.

She didn't say that you shouldn't wear it. I didn't tell her I wasn't going to wear it. This is where it began and then they ran around with it.

Brooklyn said: I've realized that they'll always attempt to write things similar to this. They'll always attempt to put people down. But everyone gets along, which is a good thing.

Sometimes, it's difficult to express the sadness in me... We all have moments when people cause you to feel hurt and 

it's ok to be wounded from it. I was thinking I'd write something down because I rarely ever show this side of me.