Sofia Carson is speaking out about some of the criticisms regarding her new Netflix film, Purple Hearts.

The movie was released earlier in the month on the streaming site and has received lots of praise from its fans. It's was also criticized by a few.

If you're unfamiliar, Purple Hearts follows Cassie who is a struggling singer and songwriter, and Luke an uneasy marine, 

who despite having many disagreements, agrees to tie the knot solely to receive military benefits.

Sofia Carson

However, when tragedy happens, the lines between the real and the fake is blurred.

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Alongside Director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, Sofiaadmits that she understands the reason why there's some resentment against the film.

But there's a reason to the tale. I hope people realize that to make characters grow and develop, they have to be flawed at the beginning.

We deliberately made two characters who were bred to dislike each other, Elizabethtold in Variety. "They have flaws at the beginning and this was the intention behind it.

To allow the red heart and blue heart to sort of become purple, you'll need to make them sort of extreme.

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Sofiathen included"The reason I am in love with this film is because it's a love story , but it's much more than just that.

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Two hearts, one red and one blue, separated by two centuries and who were taught to hate one another.

By the power that is love, these people can learn to be compassionate and kind and

Sofia Carson 'Purple Hearts'

also love one another and change into this stunning hue of purple. We wanted to show each of them in the most accurate way possible," she added.