Sophia Grace who gained the limelight at a young age due to the show The Ellen DeGeneres Show and is now protesting against accusations that she underwent cosmetic surgery on her face.

The YouTuber who is currently 19 years old, shared a video where she addressed the misconceptions that fans make about her.

So somebody said "At first, when I first saw your picture on the internet, I assumed that you had plastic surgery, but are?" her comment in the clip.

Sophia Grace responded to the question, "No I'm not having an operation on my face. I've probably replied to

this question often on my Instagram as well as on YouTube. That's why I've not been through any cosmetic surgery.

The primary reason people make is that the primary operation I've had is that my lips," she added. "I think I do not think my lips are like that large.

Maybe I've not underlined my lips as often as I normally do. But I've never had lip fillers. I'd be reluctant to having lip fillers.

Sophia Grace talked about how her make-up can create the impression of having her lips painted.

Sophia Grace

If I, as you are aware that my lips seem plump and huge at times,t's a powerful makeup and I certainly look different with no makeup than what I wear as a majority of people use it.

That's the reason people believe that it's because I'm quite skilled in makeup, and am pretty good in making

my face appear like I've undergone surgery, even though I've never had surgery, she explained.

Sophia Grace