Craig Conover and Shep Rose continued to argue over the bonfire in Frank Lloyd Wright's Auldbrass Plantation

'Southern Charm'

on Thursday's episode of Southern Charm after the discovery Craig's ex-wife, Naomie Olindo was involved with Whitney Sudler Smith.

The girlfriend of Shep Taylor Ann Green Shep was urged not to make excuses to Craig However, Shep claimed that He "wouldn't change anything" regarding his conduct towards Craig.

After Whitney took everyone to the restaurant, Olivia Flowers protested about sitting close to Kroll. Austen Kroll.

I'm hella uncomfortable," Olivia said in a confessional interview. "Here I'm dealing with like the bulls- of Ciara as well as Madison as well. And then the two of them Ciara were hanging out.

While Shep continued to be in a down mood, complaining about the cucumbers in his salad and swatting his lawn Austen and Craig took a break to drink shots of tequila.

Taylor continued to insist on Shep in the direction of apologizing to Craig. "Did you ever mention"sorry"?" she inquired. "You must use the word. You need to get over your personal ego."

Her cousin Marcie Hobbs was also in agreement, and Shep finally spoke to Craig. "Craig Craig, I'm really deeply sorry." Craig, the average expectations:

lessons from Lowering the Bar author wrote to Craig. "Hey, I'm dead serious. I'm sorry for the wrongs I've done." Craig realized, "You and I both have to admit that we don't have eyes to eyes.