Just after JoJo Siwa 19 years old declared Candace Cameron Bure, 46 who is one of the "rudest celebrities"

she has ever seen in response to a series of inquiries on TikTok on the 24th of July Spencer Pratt, 39, has since called Lisa Kudrow,

aged 59, "one of the worst humans" the pair has seen in a TikTok video posted on Friday, September 2.

In the clip, Pratt, the reality TV personality who is famous for his role on "The Hills" in the 2000s, as well as 'Celebrity Big Brother as well as "I'm a Celebrity...

Get Me Out of Here! The show was asked by a fan "Spence!! Tell us the rudest celebrity you've met!!" Pratt responds by declaring, "Oh that's easy.

Spencer Pratt

Phoebe from Friends is easily one of the most awful people I've ever interacted with, hands down." In the aftermath, one of his followers was shocked and wrote "What do you think".

One user wrote "I wanna hear some juicy celebrity stories. I just wanna know who sucks and who's really legit," and another said,

"Can you and @Bethenny Frankel have a chat and stream it? Hahah best collab ever." A fan asked to recount the incident by saying "Story? 

Perhaps she's just having an awful day". However, Spencer responded, "It was a sly attack".

Spencer Pratt

Another user asked whether the most unpleasant person he'd encountered had been "Kim from big brother uk," Spencer responded, "Nahhhhh phoebe way worse."