Jennifer Connelly has already lined up for her next film! A 51-year-old Top Gun: Maverick star has been joined by Joel Edgerton in Dark Matter, Variety reports.

The planned project is an eight-episode show on Apple TV+. Dark Matter centers on Jason Dessen ( Edgerton) A physicist

professor and father of a family who, one night, while walking home from work on street corners of Chicago and is abducted into a different version of his life.

Wonder rapidly transforms into a nightmare as the man tries to re-create his life in the many possible lives he has lived.

In this maze of mind-bending reality, the man sets out on an incredibly difficult journey to return

to his true family and protect their lives from the most tormenting, invincible opponent imaginable: himself.

Jennifer will play Daniela Jason's wife. She is finishing her 4th and last season of Snowpierceron TNT.