Stephen Curry is coming off his fourth title in his eight years with his team the Golden State Warriors.

In addition, the fact that he just earned the one individual honor that has been elusive throughout his career The title of NBA Finals MVP.

Naturally, he and his spouse have been having a blast throughout the summer.

Stephen Curry Talks Warriors Future

In the meantime, Curry has additionally taken certain steps to reflect on his career in recent months.

He began by revealing the only team besides that of the Golden State Warriors he can be ready to play for.

In addition, not too long in the past, Curry supplied some ideas regarding how he will continue to work with the Warriors and the date he would retire.

"Curry's body doesn't respond to intense exercises in the offseason as well as his unlikely love for Chipotle like it did in the past," a latest Rolling Stone column famous.

"However Curry has an extra four years remaining on the $215 million contract and Curry claims he'd rather to be playing 'at minimum.'"

If you think of Curry and his wife having a party as a bunch and the incredible current he inherited via Snoop Dogg not way back, Curry has been having an incredible summer.