Eve Jobs continues to leave her mark on the world of haute couture and her most recent cover is a real eye-catcher!

The Apple Heiress, 24 was featured on the cover of October of Vogue Japan, and she looked like a posh beauty.

Eve rocked an elegant high ponytail that was a super high look that takes us from Madonna's famous ponytail of the Blonde Ambition times. 

She slayed the glamour by wearing classic, bright red lipstick, and shimmering eyeshadow. The model wore no jewelry and opted to

wear her Louis Vuitton oversized graphic sweatshirt that she threw on to showcase those toned legs.

Steve Jobs’ Daughter Eve Rocks Ponytail

DNA is excited to announce we will represent Eve Jobs." the company wrote. "The young Californian is an accomplished

equestrian and Stanford graduate, and we are very excited to help her launch her auspicious modeling career."


"I'm a little weird," she said to Vanity Fair. A few people are surprised by this I don't know where to put the woman.'" 

Eve, an accomplished horsewoman, seems to have an unshakeable self-confidence regardless of how other people respond to her.

Although she doesn't have a much to say on her amazing stream of Instagram pictures but she did speak out recently about a cause that is important to her.