Kerr has a one-phrase response to C's fans' anti-Draymond chants that originally seemed on NBC Sports Boston

Given Draymond Green's antics in Game 2 of the NBA Finals, Boston Celtics fan berating him during Game 3 at TD Garden was a foregone conclusion.

Green has greeted with boos "f--- you, Draymond" chants in the course of the Celtics' 116-100 wins on Wednesday night.

That's par for the course for opposing players who take at the villain role in Boston. Just ask Kyrie Irving.

As predictable as those anti-Draymond chants were, Warriors teacher Steve Kerr failed to find all of them that amusing. He was asked after the sport about the fans' response to Green.

"Classy," he answered. "Very classy."  Warriors shield Klay Thompson had a similarly sarcastic reaction to how the crowd handled Green.