" Stranger Things"'' wouldn't be the same without Dustin Henderson. We'll go so far as in saying that the entire city of Hawkins could have

been in ruin in the past if not for this baseball-wearing teenage boy. And it's entirely due to his inspirational attitude, which the actor playing Dustin Henderson also embodies.

A number of times, Dustin has been laughed at due to his part as a member of The Hellfire Club, but in other instances, 

it was due to a condition which he's referred to as cleidocranial Dysplasia. "I discuss it in the opening episode in Season 1 in which the bullies make fun of me due to my tooth," 

the actor who is playing Dustin, Gaten Matarazzo, told an audience during Rhode Island Comic-Con. It turns out that Matarazzo is also suffering from the same condition on screen.

"You're forever born with this condition," Matarazzo stated. "And it impacts pretty much every bone inside your body.

For Matarazzo, The disease has caused him to be born with no collarbones. The condition can also affect his dental health.

"With CCD, the infant's teeth aren't keen on coming out and your adult teeth don't wish to be inserted, 

so it is likely that you will be more toothy than you need," the actor explained at Rhode Island Comic-Con. In many cases, 

those suffering from cleidocranial dysfunction will resort to different surgeries to fix the damage that the condition has done to their bodies.

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