Millie Bobby brown Just 11 (ha!) when the series started filming, British actress Brown had bit parts on her résumé. 

Finn wolfhard Wolfhard, a.k.a. Mike Wheeler, was 12 when Stranger Things began filming Now 19, Wolfhard has racked up credits including It, Carmen Sandiego

Proof that Matarazzo, 13 when he took on the role of Dustin Henderson, has grown up? He went to junior prom with his "beautiful girlfriend" in May 2019. 

Caleb He was 14 when he landed the role of Lucas Sinclair  Now 20 years old, McLaughlin announced in 2019 that he would be heading to college

On the younger side of the crew, Schnapp was also just 11 when he stepped into Will Byers' cursed shoes

Nataliya Of the older "kids," Dyer, a.k.a. Nancy Wheeler, is 27 The show has changed her life in the industry

Charlie Heaton's part as defensive big brother Jonathan Byers was his breakout role Since then Heaton, 28, has landed film roles including 2020's The New Mutants 

Joe The oldest of the young bunch, 30-year-old Keery plays heartthrob with a heart Steve Harrington

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