When the first episode of "Stranger Things" season four was released on Netflix on the 28th of May the fans were left with some questions about what was happening to Will Byers.

As Mike Wheeler heads west to visit Eleven and Will is there, it appears to some that the latter has an attraction to his friend from the past.

Will's sexuality has been a topic the show has discussed but not directly addressed throughout the years. In the first season, Joyce tells Hopper that Will's father used to refer to him as "queer."

Some fans were disappointed because the show appeared to keep Will's sexuality unambiguous rather than letting Will's character be fully revealed.

The Duffer brothers spoke out about the possibility of a plot and said the issue would be discussed in the last two episodes.

"You're supposed to be asking those questions," Matt Duffer said to TelevisionLine on the 2nd of June, about fan speculation.

However, the brothers weren't keen to know the fact that Will had a girlfriend or is not. This is when it gets difficult since we don't have the entire season," Matt said to the outlet.

I just want people to watch the final two episodes," However, according to TVLine the outlet, Matt promised that clarity in these two episodes.

We've released the two first episodes of this series. This final episode, which comprises the final two episodes solves many issues

in both the story and character as well as some of it also sets up for the finale season.

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