Ross as well as Matt Duffer are opening up about the possibility of adding more people for their Stranger Things world.

Talking to IndieWire The two revealed that they have plans to add some instantly popular characters from the story - like Eddie Munson - to the cast for the season's final.

Although the Duffer Brothers say that they could introduce new characters to their show, they're attempting to stay away from it.

"We're trying to stay clear of adding new characters for Season 5 of" Ross shared. "We're trying to avoid doing the same thing so we can concentrate more on OG people, I suppose.

Matthew stated the following "whenever you introduce a brand new person, we need to ensure that they'll become an integral element of the story.

This is a problem happening to Eddie in this particular season in which we say, 'Well we're in need of a character to make this storyline perform, and also to provide the drive that's needed.

However, every when we do this we're anxious because we say, 'We've got an fantastic cast of characters as well as actors,

and whenever we're working with a new character we're taking our time away from other actors. We're extremely cautious when we introduce new character