Olivia Jean is talking regarding her surprise proposal on stage and her wedding with Jack White.

Olivia Jean to Jack White

In a brand new interview for The New York Times, The 32-year-old singer and songwriter spoke candidly

about her reaction to the unexpected wedding and how her relationship with White began to develop.

Surprise Onstage Wedding

It was the most memorable experience that I've ever had," Jean told the outlet about the wedding proposal which took place during the duet of White Stripes' "Hotel Yorba" 

at White's concert on April 8 in The Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan. "You can plan your wedding for five years and still not be as good as that.

In the years before getting to know White, Jean grew up playing guitar and singing in various bands. she later recorded demo CDs

while in high school for her classmates and colleagues in her hometown of Detroit. It was a pastime," she told The New York Times. "I didn't realize you could earn money from music.

The year 2009 was when a good friend was able to inform then 19-year-old Jean on the phone about an upcoming show White was

performing at with his group Dead Weather, and she brought a few demo CDs to the concert. After putting them in the venue, inside and

next to the tour bus of the musician outside and received a call from her husband, who was a couple of days after.

Jean later relocated to Nashville and started a group known as The Black Belles with Ruby Rogers and Shelby Lynn, 

and together they released an album titled Self-titled made in collaboration with White in the year 2011.

It was difficult but in a positive way because it helped me improve," she said of the incident. "But in the same way, you start to feel less confident about your own abilities.

You realize that I'm not as good as I believed I was, and I'm really going to need to get my act together. 

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