Sydney Sweeney has revealed the moment of emotional turmoil in which she phoned her mother upon discovering that she had been named to win the two Emmys.

On Tuesday the Euphoria actress, 24 received 2 first-time Emmy Awards nominations for her performances as a character in The White Lotus and the HBO teenager drama series.

When she learned of the information, Sweeney called her mother The actor shared the heart-warming phone conversation via her Instagram. 

In the clip, Sweeney could be seen sitting in the front car seat as she dialed the number of her mother.

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When Sweeney's mother received the call, she exclaimed: "Congratulations!" the actor replied: "Mom!" excitedly.

After removing the call off the line, Sweeney was able to be observed becoming emotional and wiping tears away while talking to her mother.

At an earlier moment, Sweeney thanked her mother for her help, saying to her "thanks mommy" while she chuckled with delight.

The touching moment concluded with Sweeney telling her mother that people were calling to say congratulations and she promised to contact her shortly.

The post was also received praise for Sweeney since fans felt she was deserving of the praise.

Sydney Sweeney

"This is just so lovely, she's earned it," one person tweeted one person, and another added: "This makes me so content, I want to cry too."

"I'm extremely thrilled with her. She really is deserving of it," an additional person said.

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Sydney Sweeney