America's Got Talent contestant Chapel Hart received a special acknowledgment from country star Tanya Tucker after they

mentioned her name in their first track "The Girls Are Back In Town" to be used in the qualifying round.

The group from Season 17 Chapel Hart stunned the viewers and judges when they performed their audition, by showcasing their Dolly Parton-inspired debut music "You Can Have Him, Jolene." 

The judges loved the country band so much that they awarded the group a Golden Buzzer, which had only been granted previously for the young singer Victory Brinker last season.

Chapel Hart pulled out another original track "The Girls Are Back In Town," which also was a major success with the fans.

The show even secured the trio one of only two places in the Finals available on that night together with Magician Yu Hojin.

The trio performed the last performance of the evening, which had the AGTaudience and judges in awe.

In the song, the trio sing about going out to a bar, during which they discuss dancing all night to the Tanya Tucker song.  

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Tanya recorded an audio clip in which she was dressed in the Santa Claus themed outfit, declaring that she was filming an animated Christmas film in the present.

Tanya was tagged by Chapel Hart and told them she'd watched the performance they did during America's Got Talent.saying that they were phenomenal and that she enjoyed the performance.