Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn are the types of couples who have a look that is coordinated.

Taylor Swift

While Swift as well as their girlfriend of five years haven't been seen in public for a while The couple was spotted enjoying iced coffees together in London on the 14th of July.

In the pictures, which can be seen below, Swift braved the London heat wearing an oversized pair of jeans with a gray tank 

top with a light blue button-down t-shirt. While Alwyn was in the background, Alwyn wore his own blue shorts and a white T-shirt.

Taylor Swift & Joe Alwyn

Another thing The Daily Mail pointed out in the photos was Swift's hands appeared unadorned following months of engagement reports as well as speculation.

This could be the most explicit denials that fans could receive. In an interview in April in WSJ Magazine, the Conversations With Friends

star basically stated that he'll never confront such claims in a direct manner. If I had a pound to each time I believe I've been told that I'm engaged, then I'd own plenty of pounds,"

Alwyn said. "I am referring to the fact that is when the answer is yes, I wouldn't tell you that, but in the event that there was no answer I wouldn't even declare.

He further elaborated on this idea in the following month. "If we were having a conversation , and enjoying a shandy at my home and the

conversation wasn't recorded, then naturally, there would be other things that were being said.

Taylor Swift