Taylor Swift might be likely to receive the Oscar nomination. As per The Hollywood Reporter The 32-year-old musician/singer'

"All Too Well" short film "received an Oscar-qualifying run" that implies that it could be considered for nomination at the 2023 Oscars ceremony.

Taylor created and directed the story, as well as the video, which featured Dylan O'Brien and Sadie Sink.

THR adds that as "All Too Well" was a qualified run, it's a candidate for an award called the Best Live Action

Short Oscar as well as that Tayloris "working with an elite consulting firm to help guide the award campaign."

The short film was screened in AMC Lincoln Square. AMC Lincoln Square for one week in the fall of last year,

which isn't eligible for being eligible for the Best Picture race, but it is compatible with that of the Best Live Action Short race. 

Taylor Swift

The window of eligibility was opened on the 1st of October 2021 and will run until September 30.

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