Taylor Swift shines in a black, cut-out dress when she arrived to attend the 2022 NSAI Nashville Songwriter Awards held at the Ryman Auditorium,

The singer, who is 32 years old, will be acknowledged by two Decade honorees who will be honored at the ceremony.

"Decade" Awards "Decade" Awards are determined by the chart's success and other indicators in addition to votes. They focus on songwriting achievements between 2010 and 2019.

According to Billboard the winner is decided by an algorithm of points by the percent of an artist's or songwriter's songwriting credits as measured by chart performance.

The songwriter must be the artist who recorded the song for the points to count towards the Songwriter-Artist-of-the-Decade distinction.

In the past, Taylorwas named Songwriter-Artist of the Year for seven times. Another Decade honoree was Ashley Gorley,

to honor the impressive collection of hits that which he's been involved in making, which includes the chart-topping of 62 singles. Congrats, Taylor!

 VMAs 2022

Just to let you know: Taylorwore a Michael Kors Collection dress, paired with Anne Sisteron and Rahaminovjewelry.

you know that my brand new album will be out on the 21st of October. I'll tell you more when I get to midnight.