Taylor Townsend gives a smile at the thought that she may have been concerned about trolls on social media.

Taylor Townsend

Yes, because I know I'm overweight," she says matter-of-factly. "You're not likely to harm my feelings. I'm fully conscious. However, I'm taking action to address it."

Townsend 26, a 26-year-old American is speaking about her return to tennis after having her baby child Adyn 18 months ago.

Taylor Townsend

The idea of female athletes having children in mid-career is becoming more prevalent, particularly in tennis, however not many want to expose their post-birth body.

Townsend did exactly that she posted video clips on Instagram of her first exercises and refused to hide the pain she was finding it. 

In light of the struggles she endured during the early days of her career, it was quite courageous.

Taylor Townsend Talking

From humble beginnings in the south of Chicago, Townsend had developed into one of the top juniors in the globe in the year 2012

when she won the Australian Open girls' title and then being not granted the US Open wild card and requested to withdraw from the junior event due to her body form