Whether it's with the crew of people she ships ahead of her on trips to prepare her room or her no-holds-barred takedowns of co-star Sutton Stracke,

newcomer Diana Jenkins has certainly made her mark on her first season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

On their podcast, "Two Ts In a Pod," on which the two break down everything happening on "Housewives," Mellencamp says, 

"The biggest thing I'm getting from Diana is she doesn't want to engage in anything." In response, Judge says, "I agree, but the only

Teddi Mellencamp

thing I'm getting from her is she has a lip problem, I think her lips are too chapped. She can't talk because she's licking her lips constantly."

Teddi Mellencamp informs the Two Ts in a Podcast" co-host Tamra Judge she has spent much time looking up possible

solutions to her question about the Diana Jenkins lip-licking thing. I think this is a tick that's nervous" Mellencamp says.

And that's her tell. Like my tell is that my chest is going to get bright red like whenever I have to have a conversation I don't want to have when I'm on camera, things are awkward. 

She adds that it may just be editing, but it feels like Jenkins is licking her lips constantly, now. I know, that's what I'm saying," Judge is in agreement.

"I cannot even hear the words she's speaking about because I'm trying to focus on her lips licking.

Teddi Mellencamp