Two of the contestants who appeared on the show The Bachelorette in this episode chose not to be part of this season's

Men Tell All episode and they both faced controversial exclusions from the show.

The Bachelorette This Season

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey took both of these two ladies home in the middle of their episodes, not even waiting for the wedding ceremonies to take place.

They are already commenting about not having seen them on their appearance on the Men Tell All episode.

 The Bachelorette

Hayden was an outcry over his departure from the show because of the remarks he made regarding Gabby.

He advised her that he wasn't interested in her since the two of them felt an affinity with Rachel and he informed the girl that she seemed "rough around the edges."

He also commented "I don't trust these b**ches" and later denied having said that. Rachel was then able to send him home at the end of an argument.

"I'm not surprised that Hayden didn't show up tonight," Rachel stated to ET. "I am sure that everybody was able to observe his character on the show. 

He was on the show this evening and not apologizing not just to me, but also to Gabby as well, is an ode to his persona and the person he is.

 The Bachelorette