It's a fact that happens to everyone however the actress Candice Patton, resulted from something more serious and threatening than simply not enjoying her job.

Candice Patton recently revealed the fact that she had been "severely unhappy" for a period of time while she was working for the TV show The Flash.

The actress has revealed that during the beginning stages of working on the project that began in 2014 

she was the subject of online harassment and racist motivated messages and was not protected from her superiors.

According to The Deadline, Patton was speaking honestly on The Open Up Podcast and stated that fans' complaints

were not taken seriously by The CW and Warner Bros. She said "In the 2014 year, there were no support systems,

and no anyone was watching out for those. There was no way to prevent people from having to be abused each and every day." Patton went on to add:

It's a risky situation to be in if you're the first, and confronted with backlash and you're not getting any help.

Nowadays, people are able to see more and know that fans are racist, particularly in genres and 

Candice Patton

also discriminatory towards women. At the time, it was like, 'Yes, that's what fans are, but it doesn't matter.

The world has changed drastically since 2014, and Patton admitted that she thought about abandoning the show as soon in its second season

to deal with the challenges being confronted by the show. "I was considering leaving the show in Season 2. 

I recall thinking"I'm not able to do this, I'm not going to get through it, I'm extremely dissatisfied.'

 Patton claims she felt like she was treated differently from her white colleagues, and she also felt she didn't get assistance

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