The Walking Dead is coming to an end, however it's not over. The story of Rick and Michonne is far from being over.

At San Diego Comic-Con, stars Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira announced that they will be reuniting for

the brand new Walking Dead spinoff series that will replace the Rick Grimes movie trilogy previously revealed by AMC

Showrunner and creator of the series Scott M. Gimple, the Chief Content Officer at AMC's TWD Universe,

revealed the first details of the spinoff Rick/Michonne during The Walking Dead Universe Preview 2022 special live broadcast on Talking Dead this Sunday.

It's been a long time since I've worked on it extremely thoroughly with Danai as well as Andy and Andy,

and we continue to be working on it almost every day with a group of Walking Dead vets and some amazing fresh voices" Gimple said.

Simple, who will be executive producer along with the highly creatively engaged Lincoln as well as Gurira. "It's an incredible love story. It's also an incredible and crazy love story.

The series brings together Rick and Michonne for more than six years after an incredibly injured Rick was missing on the Civic Republic Military helicopter in an episode of The Walking Dead.

According to AMC the show tells an epic romance about two characters who are transformed by the changing world.

Separated by distance. Through an unstoppable force. Through the ghosts of who they once were.

The Walking Dead SpinOff

Rick along with Michonne are transported to a different world that is built on the basis of a struggle between the living and the dead... And , in the end fighting to the living.