At Friday's "Bones and All", the actor from "Call Me by Your Name" was the talk on the red carpet.

Timothée Chalamet Top less

He wore a custom Haider Ackermann outfit consisting of crimson pants and a matching backless top tied at the neck.

Social media was abuzz with Chalamet’s latest fashion moment. One fan tweeted: 

Timothée Chalamet Top less

"Please take a moment and appreciate the work Timothee Chalamet does to help people." Damn. "He's been missing on a carpet."

Gushed Another of the 26-year-old's daring designer creations, "Timothee Chalamet woke awake and decided to end it all."

"Timothee SLUTAMET ate everyone up," one devotee quipped. The sillier side of the spectrum is Chalamet's back-baring earned more comparisons with Mr. Tumnus and James McAvoy,

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