Holmes 43, who is a star in the upcoming film "Alone Together" along with their daughter Suri Cruise 16 was also on the screen.

I'm always looking for the top quality in talent," Holmes stated in an interview with News47.us

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"So I wanted to ask her. She's extremely skilled. She stated she'd like to take the time to do it, so she did it. 

I let her be her. This is how I conduct myself generally. It's like, "This is what I believe that we all want to do to do.' Do what you want to do.

In the film, Suri sings a song called "Blue Moon," which plays during the credits opening for the feature. Holmes said to the media outlet that it won't be her daughter's only singing role on screen.

She did sing in 'Rare Obscure which was the movie we shot in the fall of last year," Holmes explained. "Other aside from that, she's a 16-year-old student in high school.

The two eventually book the same Airbnb and choose to remain at the property together.

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She provides you with this remarkable time between cut and action Sturgess spoke of his co-star.

Katie Holmes' daughter

She never shouted "Cut! " actually. It would appear that the story was over and she did not finish it. I like that she was always looking for the little hints of authenticity.

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Sturgess The actress praised Holmes for her style of directing and said that she allows actors plenty of room to move while they're in the camera.